Celebrating diversity and making lemonade...

Celebrating diversity and making lemonade...

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Mark's Graduation! and HUGE shout out...

2019 Moscow High School Graduation

I have already posted much about graduation but just wanted to summarize everything here in one "spot"...mostly for our own future reference!  Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this blog post for the SHOUT OUT...

On Friday morning, Mark and I headed over to the Kibbie Dome for practice.  Mark's current Community Support Worker, Ashley Murphy, met us there.  She was to be Mark's "escort" for the evenings activities.  I was really worried that Mark might not be able to sit through the graduation.  He likes to be on-the-move a lot...
Mark waiting for graduation practice to start
Toward the end of the practice, he was starting to get a little antsy.  The practice was 95 minutes long so I could understand why he was getting restless.  I was having a hard time sitting there myself.

Finally, we got to leave and went to the store for some last minute supplies for the big graduation party the next day.

That evening, Mark did a great job walking in to the ceremony.
He REALLY enjoyed looking at all the people in attendance at the graduation.  He spent the entire time looking over his shoulder at all the people.  He didn't care to wear his hat while sitting through the ceremony and I can't blame him, it was a really tight fit.
At least it kept him occupied.  At one point, the graduation speaker had the class stand up and turn around to say Thank You to parents and people that supported the graduating class.
Mark really enjoyed that...he could see everyone better!  I was worried that he might just want to stand there and look at everyone but he did finally sit back down (and kept looking over his shoulder at everyone).

Then, it came to walking across the stage and he did a great job.
They did not practice actually accepting the diploma at the practice earlier that day so he didn't know that he was supposed to take it.  Then, when he went to get his picture, he said, "I want a drink, I want a drink."  Overall, he did an amazing job!  The actual ceremony was 75 minutes long and he did great sitting through it.  

The next day we had a celebration at our house and I want to say a big "Thank you" to everyone that came out.  It was so amazing to have you at our home and support Mark.  He liked the party but was happy to just hang out in his room.  I got him down for a picture but the lighting was really bad so the pic is not too good.  
So, there it is!  Mark is officially a graduate of Moscow High School!
Now, time for the big SHOUT OUT.  A huge Thank You to Ashley for supporting Mark at graduation.  Ashley is a year older than Mark and was involved with Mark while in high school through the Buddy Club.  She worked with Mark last summer and then went to college in Mississippi to play volleyball in the fall.  She is back for the summer and is supporting Mark again before she heads back to college.
Ashley has been invaluable in helping Mark to get through graduation successfully!  We appreciate her so much!  Thank you Ashley Murphy!

We will slowly be going through Mark's graduation cards over the next couple of weeks and adding any gifts to his GoFundMe to count toward his Coop Construction Campaign!  Thanks for your support!

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  1. Wow! Denise,I can't believe how fast the time goes...I remember when he was at Lena. He has gotten so tall & what a handsome Guy. So excited for all that's in store with your blog & sustainable farm. So cool 😊