Celebrating diversity and making lemonade...

Celebrating diversity and making lemonade...

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Joshua Home!

Bringing Joshua Home...

On Sunday, August 22 Henry, Denise and Mark drove down to Salt Lake City, (SLC) Utah to pick up Joshua. We drove down to Boise and stayed there overnight then got up early and headed down to SLC.  We were able to make it down there around 11:00AM on Monday morning and discharge went quickly.  We headed to Apollo Burger for lunch (Joshua's request).  Then, we went to Mrs. Cavanaugh's for a tour of the candy factory (another suggestion from Joshua).  
Since this was our first stop, we took a lot of pictures.  We bought some candy AND had some frozen custard!

That evening, we went to the Tracy Aviary.  Tracy Aviary is committed to inspiring curiosity and caring for birds and nature through education and conservation.  Joshua really enjoyed the ducks there.  Two geese got into a fight which was "fun" to watch them honking at each other and trying to goose each other.  The pecking order is real!
On Tuesday morning, we went to the Natural History Museum in SLC.  The Natural History Museum of Utah illuminates the natural world and the place of humans within it.  There were exhibits ranging from dinosaurs, and gems and minerals to Native American artifacts.  Currently, they have a special exhibition of Egypt: Land of Pharaohs with a real mummy on display.  We grabbed lunch and then hit the road back to Boise.
On the way to Boise, we stopped by the Shoshone Falls which is often referred to as The Niagara of the West (my pic really does not do it justice!).  At 212 feet tall and 900 foot wide, Shoshone Falls is one of the largest natural waterfalls in the United States surpassing the height of Niagara Falls. Shoshone Falls is located on the Snake River as it carves its way through a deep basalt Canyon on its way to the Columbia River. 
On Wednesday morning, we got up early and started on our last stretch of highway back to Moscow.  We made a quick stop at Ponderosa State Park in McCall, Idaho.  This is Lake Payette in the pic. 
Then, we finally made it home!  It was a long trip and we are glad to be back to the farm!
Now, we are working to get Joshua set up for his Senior year of High School and learning how to all live together again!  Busy, busy!

Have an eggcellent day!

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